Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

Secure Your Site with SSL

A dedicated SSL digital certificate will allow you to conduct Internet transactions referencing a secure URL at your own domain name: Adding SSL to your website lets your customers know their personal information is safe and transactions are secure.

New Customers – Setup Hosting, Then Add SSL

Start by setting up your domain and hosting services with Appleget Associates. Then we can add a DomainSSL to your site.

Existing Customers – Add SSL

If we host your domain on one of our VPS, Basic or MDS hosting packages the we can add a DomainSSL to your site.

Instant Installation — Get a highly trusted SSL Certificate with true 256bit+ encryption issued and installed on your server.

Strong, Secure Encryption to Protect Information — SGC Security with strong 256 bit minimum encryption that’s supported by all popular browsers and mobile devices.

Peace of Mind — One Certificate secures and with an underwritten Liability Program and WebTrust Accredited Certification Authority. You even get a Free Clickable Secure Site Seal

Step-up SGC Technology — GlobalSign SSL Certificates include 256 bit “step up” encryption enabling technology. These enabling technologies are often added as “pro” services and carry a premium price. Every GlobalSign SSL Certificate is capable of 256 bit strong SSL, and includes step-up SGC technology that forces weak browsers to stronger browsers free of charge.


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