Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) are great for Economical Hosting of Applications, Ecommerce, and Robust Websites

VPS Hosting delivers reliability and predictable performance with private resources dedicated to your partition of the server. Each VPS Hosting plan includes it’s own file system, processes, users, applications and resource allocations, plus root access.* This gives you complete control of the applications, while we handle the day-to-day system administration like OS and core services management, system and security monitoring and backup.

To get the right product for the right price please contact us with your questions and  ideas.

Virtual Private Server Hosting is A Premium Solution

While other providers provide infrastructure, and require customers to manage the server themselves or pay extra to have it done, We deliver a completely managed VPS Hosting solution including OS and core services management, system and security monitoring and backup. This makes our Hosting solutions the ideal choice for companies that want to stick to their core business capabilities and leave the technology management to someone else. Our philosophy incorporates these key principles:

  1. With VPS Hosting You Control the environment:
    • Control file ownership and permissions for all files
    • Stop and start all services
    • Stop and start the entire account/server
    • Create and modify other users, roles, access and permissions
    • Install software and packages on the server
    • Modify or disable core services
    • Run installs from our application portfolio thru virtual root access
    • Modify the system crontab and cronjobs
    • Modify “privileged ports” below 1024
    • Use root access to modify all account services, files, directories, users, programs, software, and configurations,( the root user is the only user who truly has control over the system. All other users have some type of restriction.)
    • Review log files and implement fixes (if the issue is not at the kernel or with the OS)
  2. We deliver quality services:
    • Proactive server & security monitoring – we takes the headache out of managing your website resources. We closely monitor the network and every physical server, paying attention to security vulnerabilities, excessive resource use and other potential issues. This allows us to proactively take action to resolve problems before they even exist. You won’t just get the tools to monitor servers yourself, we do it for you – saving you time and hassles.
    • Three levels of system management
      1. OS: We load security-hardened server software and continually update and patch so you never have to think about it.
      2. Core Services: We optimize server setup with secured and ready-to-use web, mail and ftp servers that are ready for your applications. Plus ongoing upgrades, patches and updates are included.
      3. Backup – We provide two fail-safe levels of data backup with no size restrictions, at no extra charge. Plus a third, off-server option is available for an additional fee. This can restore data from earlier dates.
    • Add-on Applications – You continue to save time with our simplified administration tools for easy installation and configuration of many popular apps from our application portfolio.
    • Tons of extras, with no hidden fees
      1. No bandwidth overage charges or limit
      2. No limit or extra charges on email accounts, domain names, or users
      3. No additional charge for control panel and other key applications

When to Choose a VPS Hosting Solution:

  • For hosting applications, intranets, and more
  • When you want instant provisioning and complete scalability
  • For guaranteed reliability & performance
  • To resell hosting to your customers
  • For running almost any application
  • To reduce installation and configuration hassles

With VPS Hosting You Control

  • Your Applications, your customers through control panel, any Website Content, Server Logs, CGI or Other Scripts
  • Adding email, FTP and Subhost Users
  • Customizing Core Services, Add-Ons or Installing Custom Applications
  • Adding Domain Names
  • Any Additional User-related Tasks
  • Spot Checking and Problem Solving – including the ability to view issues and make appropriate fixes (if the issue is not at the Kernel or OS level.)

We Manage & Support

  • Admin Tools: Utilities, Control Panels & Documentation
  • Managed Services: Backups, Monitoring, Security, DNS, System Administration
  • Server Software: Updates, Upgrades and Patches
  • Core Services: Shell, HTTP, FTP & POP, IMAP or SMTP mail
  • Value Add-ons: ecommerce, databases, multimedia, statistics, CGI-library
  • Server Hardware: purchasing best-of-breed hardware for nearly all components, configuration, power, uptime, monitoring, immediate repair and replacement of faulty components
  • Network: OC3, OC12 & OC48 Backbone, private and public peering, monitoring, redundancy, paths and peering points
  • Data Center: secure, state-of-the-art environments, fire detection/suppression systems, redundant uninterruptible power supplies and backbone Internet connections

All Virtual Private Server Plans include these standard features:


With the powerful cPanel control panel you can simplify administration by managing essential tasks (like creating mailboxes and scheduling backups) AND benefit from advanced functionality that keeps you in control by customizing applications, settings, and configurations.

Ability to Harness Web 2.0 Technologies Without the Learning Curve Quickly and easily integrate websites with advanced features like blogs, ecommerce, social media and databases on your cPanel VPS Hosting.

Easy to Use Control Panel and Set Up Wizards Gain access to everything you need to set up your VPS cPanel solution faster and more efficiently.

Key FeaturesServices
Virtual Root Access* for administrative control99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Service Level Agreement (SLA)
CENTOS 6.6 x86_64 virtuozzo offering security, stability, and 1000s of certified applicationsTriple Data Backup
Free Control Panel (cPanel) with robust, multi-tier administration capabilities24×7 Free Technical Support (Phone & Email)
Secured, optimized, and ready-to-use web server, email system, and FTP serverSystem & Security Monitoring
Email Filtering (Spam & Virus)Managed OS & Core Services (includes security and performance optimizations plus upgrades, updates, and security patches)
Ability to create a secure, private network using directly encrypted OpenVPN connections between two or more serversWorldwide Premier Data Centers
Application Portfolio that includes many popular applications (like MySQL, PHP, and more), plus simplified administration tools for easy installation and configuration30-day Money Back Guarantee

Disk Space20 GB80 GB160 GB200 GB
Bandwidth100GB / monthUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Resource Rating (CPU, Memory, etc)**********
Memory1GB MB2 BB4 GB4 GB
Email Accounts (limited by Space)No limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
User AccountsNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
Domain Names (websites)5No limitNo limitNo limit
Software Firewall Rules40100200400
Dedicated IPv4 Addresses Included1233
Additonal IPv4 Addresses Available04 (5 Total)9 (10 Total)19 (20 Total)

More cPanel Features

WebHost Manager (WHM), the server control panel interface, is designed for server administrators and web host resellers.

WHM makes it easy to:

  • Set up and modify customer accounts
  • Receive alerts if the server goes down
  • Install applications and programming language modules
  • Create and apply hosting plans
  • Block spam
  • Integrate new web technologies
  • Brand customers’ cPanel interfaces with custom logos

Additional Features:

  • Brandable Skins
  • Administrator, Reseller, and Client Account Management
  • Server Settings, MySQL, and Mail Service Administration
  • DNS and SSL Configuration
  • Server Stats, Processes, and Mail Queue Monitoring
  • Getting Started Wizards
  • EasyApache (recompile Apache, PHP)
  • Customizable security settings
  • Select mail server
  • RPM package installer
  • Monitor and restart services
  • Mail, IM, and pager notifications
  • Service Configuration
  • Resource Utilization Monitoring and Reporting
  • cPanel Software Upgrades, Updates
  • Account Transfers
  • Feature manager (control over every icon in cPanel interface)
  • Manage cPAddons like blogs, CMS, E-Commerce
  • Reseller Center
  • Easy-to-use account migration from one cPanel to another

cPanel, the website control panel interface, is designed for website owners. It simplifies tasks such as:

  • Uploading and managing web pages;
  • Creating email accounts;
  • Installing web-based applications like blogs, shopping carts, and forums;
  • Backing up data;
  • Protecting a site’s content and bandwidth from abuse;
  • Generating and viewing statistics about visitors; and
  • Reviewing error logs to locate broken links and other problems.

Additional Features:

  • Customizable Interface for Reseller Branding
  • Domain, Subdomain, and E-mail Account Management
  • Detailed Website Statistics with Webalizer and AWStats
  • MySQL Database Management with phpMyAdmin
  • Webmail for Domain and Subdomain
  • Getting Started Wizards
  • Customer-configurable updates

VPS Applications and Add-ons

Application Details

Verio VPS Hosting includes three levels of system and application management: Operating System, Core Services, and Add-on Applications. Our services include pre-installation, security hardening, configuration & optimization, and updating and patching. Security hardened Operating System based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that has great security and stability benefits and a robust community of developers working on thousands of certified apps.

Get up and running faster with Core Services that are pre-configured, secured and optimized with:

  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSL
  • Apache Web Server
  • ProFTPd FTP Server
  • Dovecot Email Server
  • Sendmail Server

Streamline Installation and Configuration with an Application Portfolio that includes many popular applications, plus simplified administration tools – at no additional charge:

Programming Languages

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Tcl
  • Java Java is only available on Pro Plus plans. Includes jdk, jre and Tomcat JSP.

Social Media

  • Wiki
  • WordPress Blog
  • Podcasting

  • SpamAssasin
  • Webmail
  • CamAV Virus Scanning



  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

  • Control Panel
  • Miva Empresa
  • Samba file share
  • Software firewall
  • Swish-e site search utility
  • Zope
  • ZendOptimizer
  • OpenVPN

Real World VPS Hosting Examples

There are so many ways that a Virtual Private Server can integrate your business operations and goals with your website. Here are some real-world examples of what our clients are using their VPS Hosting solutions for:

  • Groupware – implement a collaboration suite for group address books, calendars, and even file sharing.
  • Database server – dedicate your VPS to run a database solution for a fast and efficient database.
  • Email server/”listserv” – keep in contact with an email list by installing email list management software.
  • CMS – use your VPS to create enterprise-level content management systems.
  • CRM – VPS products provide the perfect tools to support customer resource management software.
  • Blog – VPS accounts support the latest blog software to enable all kinds of social media.
  • Web server – all VPS accounts come preconfigured with the Apache Web server. You can optimize your VPS to perform as a dedicated Web server only, for added power and speed.
  • Application server – Since VPS is a Unix/Linux environment, you can utilize it to launch your own applications, or take advantage of the thousands of open-source and enterprise-ready software solutions available for Unix/Linux.
  • Load balancing – configure your VPS to route and balance the load and traffic between several other systems.
  • Sub-hosting – VPS natively architecture supports and provides several tools for hosting multiple domains and users on the same VPS account.
  • Corporate websites and intranets – VPS is powerful and flexible enough to support corporate communication portals, intranets, and other highly customized business environments.
  • Ecommerce – conduct your business and sell items and services through various shopping carts, allowing your customers to purchase at any time of the day.
  • Development platforms – as a standard Unix/Linux system, VPS provides a great development server for your company’s applications and websites.
  • Multimedia – VPS supports all the popular multimedia formats and technologies. You can deliver and stream audio, video, podcasts, and other cutting-edge media 24 hours a day.
  • Online newsletters – Blogs and other software tools enable easy and efficient newsletter creation to share important information with your customers, fans, or community.
  • Authentication server – use a VPS to deploy an authentication mechanism for your corporate servers, intranet, or other environment that needs secure authentication
  • Secure Network – use the OpenVPN capabilities with our VPS to create a secure, private network using directly encrypted connections between two or more servers.

* VPS does not include access to operating system, kernel, or physical hardware or the ability to update/modify OS and hardware configuration files.