Managed Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Plans Deliver the Security and Reliability of a Dedicated Server Without the Headaches of Server Maintenance, Performing Regular Backups or Monitoring

Dedicated Hosting plans are ready-to-go server solutions that give you complete flexibility to control and customize your server’s configuration with virtual root access to server application configuration files.* Plus, there’s no more waiting weeks for setup and configuration. You can immediately load applications specific to your business needs, while leaving the day-to-day operating system and core environment maintenance to us. If you want your own secure, reliable private server dedicated to your business, but desire to leave the software and OS updates to someone else, our Dedicated Hosting plans deliver, and are backed by our award winning support.

Dedicated Servers are completely private servers allocated 100% exclusively to you. You won’t share resources with other users, which gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect blend of administrative control and sophisticated technology needed to host your application.

You Control Your Applications. We Handle the Monitoring, Hardware and Server Administration

Unlike an un-managed dedicated server, when you choose Dedicated Hosting solution we handle the day-to-day system administration like OS updates, server software patches and upgrades, basic security tasks and backups. This leaves you free to focus on building and delivering your applications and business, not your server.

To get the right product for the right price please contact us with your questions and  ideas.

Dedicated Server Hosting is A Premium Solution

Regardless of your business needs, Dedicated Hosting delivers the perfect mix of control and services. You focus on your applications and we handle the system and security monitoring, core services and OS management along with triple data backups.

  1. You control the environment:
    • Use virtual root access* to modify all account services, files, directories, users, programs, software, and configurations,( the root user is the only user who truly has control over the system. All other users have some type of restriction.)
    • Stop and start the entire account/server
    • Control file ownership and permissions for all files
    • Stop and start all services
    • Create and modify other users, roles, access and permissions
    • Review log files and implement fixes (if the issue is not at the kernel or with the OS)
    • Modify “privileged ports” below 1024
    • Modify or disable core services
    • Run installs from our application portfolio thru virtual root access
    • Install software and packages on the server
    • Modify the system crontab and cronjobs
  2. Quality services:
    • Consultative technical support from highly trained experts included at no extra charge.
    • Proactive security & server monitoring – We closely monitor each physical server as well as the network, looking for excessive resource use, security vulnerabilities and other preventable issues. You also receive tools to monitor your service as an added measure.
    • Three levels of system management
      1. Core Services: Each server is optimized with secure web, mail and FTP servers that are ready to use. You just need to add your applications. Ongoing patches, updates and software upgrades are automatically included.
      2. OS: Security-hardened software is loaded to the server and continually updated and patched by our technicians.
      3. Backup – Data can be restored from earlier dates using one of the two free levels of fail-safe data backup with no restrictions on the size of data. Or a third off-server backup can be purchased for an additional fee.
    • Add-on Applications – Included is an application portfolio featuring simplified administration tools to install and configure many popular applications to help streamline your setup.
    • Tons of extras, with no hidden fees
      1. No limit or extra charges on domain names, users or email accounts
      2. No extra charge for our management control panel or key applications

With Managed Dedicated Hosting You Control

  • Your Applications, your customers through control panel, any Website Content, Server Logs, CGI or Other Scripts
  • Adding email, FTP and Subhost Users
  • Customizing Core Services, Add-Ons or Installing Custom Applications
  • Adding Domain Names
  • Any Additional User-related Tasks
  • Spot Checking and Problem Solving – including the ability to view issues and make appropriate fixes (if the issue is not at the Kernel or OS level.)

We Manage & Support

  • Admin Tools: Utilities, Control Panels & Documentation
  • Managed Services: Backups, Monitoring, Security, DNS, System Administration
  • Server Software: Updates, Upgrades and Patches
  • Core Services: Shell, HTTP, FTP & POP, IMAP or SMTP mail
  • Value Add-ons: ecommerce, databases, multimedia, statistics, CGI-library
  • Server Hardware: purchasing best-of-breed hardware for nearly all components, configuration, power, uptime, monitoring, immediate repair and replacement of faulty components
  • Network: OC3, OC12 & OC48 Backbone, private and public peering, monitoring, redundancy, paths and peering points
  • Data Center: secure, state-of-the-art environments, fire detection/suppression systems, redundant uninterruptible power supplies and backbone Internet connections

When to Choose a Dedicated Hosting Solution:

For Hosting Applications, Intranets, and More — Dedicated Servers are the ideal environment for building and serving applications to customers, Dedicated Use, Large Hosted Applications, Database Hosting, Corporate Intranets, Customer Support Tracking Systems, Hosting Multiple Websites (Subhosting) or Multimedia Applications.

When You Want Instant Provisioning and Complete Scalability — There is no more waiting hours or weeks for setup or provisioning. You can begin to use your server in less than an hour with our off-the-shelf solutions that are racked and ready, including OS, core services and IP addresses pre-installed and ready for your applications. Plus you can effortlessly scale to a more robust solution as your business grows.

To Resell Hosting to Your Customers — With full control of the applications you can portion out resources for individual client use and profit from the added value you offer. Or host multiple websites (subhosting) to maximize server resources.

For Running Almost any Application — Vinstall Utilities Library help you get up and running faster with the right configuration, correct extensions and other dependencies for popular applications like WordPress, Java, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat and more. Or utilize Ports Collection for Redhat Package Manager (RPMs) for Linux to add additional applications for even more functionality.

To Reduce Installation & Configuration Hassles — We validate your configuration to ensure optimal reliability and performance from your server.

All Dedicated Linux Hosting Plans include these standard features:

Key FeaturesServices
Virtual Root Access* for administrative control99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Service Level Agreement (SLA)
CentOS offering security, stability, and 1000s of certified applicationsData Backup
Control Panel (Cpanel/WHM) with robust, multi-tier administration capabilities24×7 Free Technical Support (Phone & Email)
Secured, optimized, and ready-to-use web server, email system, and FTP serverSystem & Security Monitoring
Email Filtering (Spam & Virus)Managed OS & Core Services (includes security and performance optimizations plus upgrades, updates, and security patches)
Ability to create a secure, private network using directly encrypted OpenVPN connections between two or more serversWorldwide Premier Data Centers
Application Portfolio that includes many popular applications (like MySQL, PHP, and more), plus simplified administration tools for easy installation and configuration30-day Money Back Guarantee
Primary FeaturesManaged Server
Disk Space300 GB
Domain NamesNo limit
No limit to Email and User AccountsYes
3 IPv4 Address Included Yes
No limit to POP and IMAP mailboxes, email Disk Quota, Aliases and AutorespondersYes
Mailing list support, Anti-spam and Anti-virus supportYes
Disk space limits (upload quotas), anonymous and non-anonymous FTP, custom welcome and directory messagesYes
Miva Empresa, Perl, mod_perl, ZendOptimizerYes
Python, Ruby, Compilers for C, C++ (Linux Only)Yes
Podcasting & BloggingYes
MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL support, with Oracle database connectivity capabilityYes
PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, TomCat, and JavaYes


Get Up and Running Quickly with Dedicated Linux Hosting

Racked and Ready-to-Go Servers: Get up and running faster with Core services that are pre-configured, secured and optimized with Apache Web Server, Dovecot Email Server, ProFTPd FTP Server OpenSSH and more

Streamlined Installation and Configuration with Our Applications Portfolio: All server solutions include access to Verio Vinstall Application Install Suite. This is an exclusive collection of preconfigured applications for installation that are tailored specifically for Verio servers. To streamline your efficiency we’ve preconfigured dependencies and builds and stored them as a utilities library of scripts. These scripts simplify installation tasks like adding a host or user, installing or removing software and storing files and directories for popular applications like:

  • WordPress Bloggling and CMS
  • Webmin Server Management
  • Samba Service
  • Dovecot
  • Perl
  • Python Programming
  • OpenVPN
  • PHP Programming
  • MySQL db’s
  • PostgreSQL db’s
  • Webmail
  • Major Domo Mailing Lists
  • SpamAssassin Filtering

* MPS does not include access to operating system, kernel, or physical hardware or the ability to Update/modify OS and hardware configuration files.